Friday, June 29, 2012

Royal Ascot: Day 5

It's over! Royal Hat Christmas is all wrapped up, but not without a final cheeky flourish from QE.

Best in Spring

What an amazing colourful ending by the Queen- loved the colour combo and the multi-coloured hat. The Flame Lily Brooch did look a bit minuscule though. And as Black Caviar's win was a HUGE deal here in Australia, we were lucky enough to have this jovial outfit all over the front page of the paper!

She did channel her inner horse whisperer, which was so touching.

The Curtseying Ladies

Ooh, and Savannah wins this by an INCH. Great to see both ladies in a proper curtsey though.

Nice, bold colour from Bea, but the studded ruffles down her backside? Not a fan. And here's the guys. Great to see Prince Philip, as always, and Prince Michael looking Tsar-y as usual.

Pictures: The Daily Mail/Getty Images/AP

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