Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Diamond Jubilee Tour: Northern Ireland- Martin McGuiness

We've all heard about that historic handshake between the Queen and Martin McGuiness. A meeting between the Commander in Chief of British Forces, and the former IRA leader accused of orchestrating the death of Louis Mountbatten. Mountbatten was widely considered a member of the Royal Family, and was a stand-in grandfather of Prince Charles, a cousin of the Queen and Prince Philip's uncle. He and members of his family were assassinated by a bomb blast whilst holidaying in Northern Ireland. The bomb exploded under the floorboards of his boat on August 27, 1979. 

This is a fascinating documentary of Mountbatten's death, and includes a touching interview with his grandson, Timothy Knatchbull, who was on the boat as the bomb exploded. He says that he was invited to stay with the Queen at Balmoral as he recovered, and she welcomed him with 'motherly love.'

I think that the Queen showed great courage and dignity as she met Martin McGuiness, setting aside personal loss and tragedy as head of state. She is always willing to forgive and reconcile, and is the epitome of grace and peace.

Picture: The Daily Record

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