Thursday, May 24, 2012

Note: Blog Hiatus

Please note that exams are coming up and my blog will not be updated until the 7th of June. Yes, I know, crap timing during the Jubilee, so I'll try and post about it and make a more detailed one later.
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The Splendor of Windsor

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Royal Muster!

Following on from my earlier, blurry post, these are some clearer pictures from the day. One thing that I noticed while watching the event was the attendance of foreign royalty, obviously choosing to stay put after Friday's dinner and lunch- it was a touching gesture. Here we see Queen Margrethe in some sort of red wine-ish. The hat is uh...interesting, but a bit too wavy for my liking. I love Queen Silvia's shawl, and the hat would be nice if it wasn't as big as a satellite dish. And is King Carl XVI Gustaf taking a picture with.... a MOBILE?!

And here we go, she's at it again! The now infamous Queen? Inkhosikati (I don't even know) turned up all sorts of frills with THOSE SUNGLASSES! Reminds me of a bee!

Anyway, back to the conservative British. Loved QE's outfit, lovely complementary colours included. I wasn't a huge fan of her hat though, those purple feathers were a bit too much. I've got to say- the Countess of Wessex wins her for me. Her understated outfit complete with that wonderful hat gets top prize!

Source: The Royalty Chronicles

So who won for you?

Princess Margaret at King Baudoin's Wedding

Source- LIFE

The Armed Forces' Tribute to Her Majesty

Note: I'm sorry the pics are blurry, I had to screenshot them from my stream.

What a magnificent pageant! Real joy and splendour and pride from all the armed forces. They all came together in an arena with a beautiful stage in the shape of Buckingham Palace. I really wasn't expecting that! It was all set in the beautiful backdrop of Windsor Castle, and looked like something out of a fairytale. Unlike military dictatorships across the world, where heads of states control the army, the Queen does it gracefully, with dignity and genteel. It was a beautiful setting and unlike the machine-like armies of other countries, Rule Brittania! Crown Imperial, Land of Hope and Glory and other songs were played which created a carnival-like atmosphere. Yet the main highlight of this tribute was definitely the fly-past. With forms of 60, EiiR and the roulettes spitting out the colours of the British Flag, chills ran down my spine.

HM's Right Royal Bash!

Wow. You just never see this kind of thing. HM's Diamond Jubilee Luncheon was the largest gathering of royals since the Queen's coronation (!!!!!!!!), and it proved to be a spectacular turnout. 24 Kings and Queens, an Emperor, a Grand Duke, a Sultan, eight princesses, an Emir and an Empress all arrived at the reception in honour of Elizabeth II's Jubilee. It was such a shame that so much attention was drawn on the King of Bahrain, BOO! But anyways, I thought the luncheon was a fascinating event in history, and it displayed the friendship between monarchs.

Queen Elizabeth did look lovely in that very pale blue outfit, as she was the star of the show, after all.

Also in blue was Princess Charlene of Monaco, and showing great etiquette, she curtseyed oh so low to HM- it's great to see such respect!

Much attention also focused on the Duchess of Cambridge, of course, and it was great to see her mingling with royalty- sort of a crash course in diplomatic friendliness! And it was also great to see the trio of young royals in action.

But look at this adorable couple- Emperor Hirohito and Empress Michiko were my favourite couple of the day, always smiling and gracious, the Empress stole the show with a wonderful kimono.

While we're on the topic of national dress, the wealthiest monarch in the world, the Sultan of Brunei showed up and his wife Raja Isteri Pengira Anak Hajah Saleha (what a mouthful) dazzled in a burst of spectacular colour.

And here we have the leading ladies. This event really highlighted the wonderful relationship the three reigning Queens share. It was great to see Queen Beatrice out and about, and she looked positively delighted to see Elizabeth! Also part of the exclusive queenie association is Queen Margrethe, and whilst looking quite plain in grey, it was great to see Prince Philip kissing her hand!

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie also showed up, looking quite lovely in those simple outfits- not overdoing it. It was so nice to see the young royals mixing it up with the reigning monarchs, something you almost never see. And the Queen of Bahrain- Yes she is following the customs of her country but, really- Black?! Oh my, she looks like one of the witches in Macbeth!

Talking about fashion uh......mishaps, Inkhosikati, one of the King of Swaziland's NUMEROUS wives, turned up in a racy outfit. In an outfit you expect to see at a strip club, and shoes for a 7-year old's slumber party, she did not impress.

The King of Swaziland's wife wore a fetching pair of pearly shoes

Tribute to our Pearly Queen? Inkhosikati LaMbikiza's shoes were trimmed with jewels, sequins and feathers

But it certainly made me chuckle! Anyways, I shall be uploading pictures from the Prince of Wales' dinner later, so stay tuned!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Queen Sofia Won't Be Attending HM's Diamond Jubilee Luncheon Tomorrow

Forced to snub the invitation from Queen Elizabeth over the Gibraltar row, the Spanish royal couple chose not to attend. Now, the Elizabeth and Sofia are distantly related, as they both share Queen Victoria as an ancestor. Queen Sofia is also a first cousin once removed to Prince Philip. All I can say about this is-

On another note, I'll be eagerly awaiting what the Duchess of Cambridge will wear, coming off that fabulous teal gown earlier in the week.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

HM The Queen Mum

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother during the 70's. I absolutely loved the cut-off sleeve look she exhibited, and the feathered headwear. It was the epitome of trendy glamour! Perfect for a party at Clarence House.

Diamond Jubilee Flypast

The RAF has reheard for a flypast, which, based on this picture, will be magnificent! It will be officially performed during the Diamond Jubilee Weekend. Some amazing formations were on display in Anglesea. How bout those EiiR's and that 60! I really can't wait!

I thought it does bear some resemblance to a flypast during HM's coronation (or some time near there.) Great for us nostalgics!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HM's Waxwork Unveiled at Madame Tussauds

Based on the Queen's official Diamond Jubilee portrait, this wax figure of her is a great addition to her 60 years celebration. We've all seen the fanfare surrounding Will and Kate's figures, so now it's the boss' turn! It's quite lovely, and THAT REPLICA of the George IV State Diadem. If only they mass-produced them, sigh..... One can dream?

Below: The Queen's official Diamond Jubilee portrait. I think they got the dress perfect!

Royal Update: Prince Philip Attends the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Fresh off the Diamond Jubilee (pictures will be uploaded soon), the Duke of Edinburgh showed up in typical fashion, on the reigns at the final day of the horse show. Grinning frequently, he seemed to be enjoying himself during the day's events.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pre-Diamond Jubilee Pageant Reception

HM meets and greets performers in Windsor's Diamond Jubilee Pageant. I must say, the woman putting those bracelets on Liz was quite forceful- etiquette, people! Luckily the Queen took it all in good stead.

The Prince of Wales visits Kilmarnock

Yesterday, the Prince of Wales (Duke of Rothesay in Scotland) visited Kilmarnock, where he has been involved with the filming of a youth film, "The Scheme." Carrying on from his earlier TV weather stint, I think that his tour has been a great success, and that this visit in particular has shown a side of him well in touch with the ordinary folk. I think people do give him a hard time, and if they saw this side of him, they'd at least warm to him a bit.