Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Armed Forces' Tribute to Her Majesty

Note: I'm sorry the pics are blurry, I had to screenshot them from my stream.

What a magnificent pageant! Real joy and splendour and pride from all the armed forces. They all came together in an arena with a beautiful stage in the shape of Buckingham Palace. I really wasn't expecting that! It was all set in the beautiful backdrop of Windsor Castle, and looked like something out of a fairytale. Unlike military dictatorships across the world, where heads of states control the army, the Queen does it gracefully, with dignity and genteel. It was a beautiful setting and unlike the machine-like armies of other countries, Rule Brittania! Crown Imperial, Land of Hope and Glory and other songs were played which created a carnival-like atmosphere. Yet the main highlight of this tribute was definitely the fly-past. With forms of 60, EiiR and the roulettes spitting out the colours of the British Flag, chills ran down my spine.

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