Saturday, May 12, 2012

Duchess of Cambridge- I approve!

Wow, just wow! That teal gown that she wore to the GB Olympic Ball stunned me into disbelief. What an amazing dress! The flow from the waist down, the way it fluttered gracefully, and the lace back and shoulders- I loved every little thing about it! But another great sign about her appearance was that she IS practising her tiara hair! And I think that alone deserves a resounding round of applause.

Below- The Duchess' tiara hair.

This dress reminded me a lot of a teal number worn by Queen Margrethe to an Army Corps dinner.

And yes, I know royals don't do this sort of thing, but wouldn't it be amazing if the Duchess would've worn Queen Anne-Marie's emerald tiara?

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  1. I like Catherine's hair, too. I might do a similar style for my wedding.