Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Royal Muster!

Following on from my earlier, blurry post, these are some clearer pictures from the day. One thing that I noticed while watching the event was the attendance of foreign royalty, obviously choosing to stay put after Friday's dinner and lunch- it was a touching gesture. Here we see Queen Margrethe in some sort of red wine-ish. The hat is uh...interesting, but a bit too wavy for my liking. I love Queen Silvia's shawl, and the hat would be nice if it wasn't as big as a satellite dish. And is King Carl XVI Gustaf taking a picture with.... a MOBILE?!

And here we go, she's at it again! The now infamous Queen? Inkhosikati (I don't even know) turned up all sorts of frills with THOSE SUNGLASSES! Reminds me of a bee!

Anyway, back to the conservative British. Loved QE's outfit, lovely complementary colours included. I wasn't a huge fan of her hat though, those purple feathers were a bit too much. I've got to say- the Countess of Wessex wins her for me. Her understated outfit complete with that wonderful hat gets top prize!

Source: The Royalty Chronicles

So who won for you?

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