Saturday, April 28, 2012

HM Visits Aberfan

The Queen visited Aberfan, Wales- her fourth visit since the town experienced a devastating landslide in 1966, killing 144 people. It was touching to hear one woman remark that in 1966, "The Queen promised she'd be back to re-open the school, and she was." HM officially opened the Ynysowen Community Primary School and attend a service of thanksgiving at nearby Ebbw Vale's Christ Church. There, she made her only speech of her whole Diamond Jubilee tour, praising the courage and strength of the people in an area which lost a generation due to the disaster. The Queen looked positively radiant in a white coat, with a pastel blue lining, with a hat in the same colour. Oh my, everything was PERFECT in this outfit- the pattern on her coat, the wrapping effect of the hat, well done ma'am!

Baby Loving Royals

On Thursday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were out on their second royal engagement in a week, to a reception in honour of the Centenary Race to the South Pole. Who could resist the royals stoking that baby's (Hugo Vicary) nose, or Prince William crooning him in the crook of his arm. The Duchess wore a tweet suit by New Zealand designer Rebecca Taylor. I've got to say, I prefer her earlier grey ensemble to this one, but I like the colour and the flowers on the neckline. The problem with the outfit was the awkward horizontal line running above the hips, as if an off cut was just hastily sowed back on. But, as I said, the colour was great and it paired amazingly well with those shoes!

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Queen Dazzles in Cardiff

Oh what an outfit! HM looked positively marvellous in a texture white coat with a trademark matching hat. I loved how elegant she looked in such a simple colour, providing us with a surprise by not going with her usual multi-coloured fare. The crosshatched pattern on her coat and hat were lovely, and provided just the right amount of texture to bring alive an outfit of such a neutral colour. Her had was placed on the perfect angle, although I'm not really a fan of the feathers, it sort of looks like bits of thread are hanging of as a sewing mistake. The Queen also wore the Jardine Star Brooch, one that the Queen were's often.

The Jardine Star Brooch

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kate and Wills Hit the Red Carpet

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed out to the London film premiere of Disney's African Cats. The Duchess appeared in a pale grey dress blinged up with gold and jade detailing on the ends of the sleeves and on the neckline. I don't know if I really like this outfit, the dress sort of had this strange triangular flap at the front which reminds me of an apron, her sleeves are at an awkward length, and the bling looks sort of.... Egyptian to me?

I'm secretly hoping that one day the Duchess will walk out with a full on crinoline gown and a sparkling tiara. I know it's just not her style, but just LOOK at the Queen Mother and the Queen, sigh.. those glamour days of royalty have gone.

Liz Launches Her Jubilee Barge

The Queen and Prince Philip headed to Greenland Pier on the Thames to examine and name the 94 ft Gloriana barge that will features as part of the Diamond Jubilee flotilla of over 1000 boats. I gotta admit, the men were quite touchy-feely to get her onboard, and someone kept on sort off pushing her in the back! I thought it was quite an awkward visit, with everyone seeming to be robotic and standing there whilst she was on board. But thankfully, relief was offered when she later reopened the Cutty Sark, where there were loud cheers and people sitting on the masts! Glorious. But the man showing her around was quite patronising, going so far as to remark "they're waving to you."

HM wore a stunning, bright red coat with a matching hat, (which looked a bit cowboy-ish) with a black, red and white floral print underneath. Am I the only one who thinks it sort off clashes? Oh well, the coat bore quite a resemblance to another she wore to visit Prince William at his army base, but of course, that one was a deeper shade of red.

The Queen finished off the look with the Queen Mother's hibiscus brooch, presented to her on a visit to Australia. (Below)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

HM at the Races

So it turns out Liz actually did get out and about on her birthday, and she looked as regal as ever. Loving the black co-ordination with the umbrella- rainy day chique! 

A bit of a fright!

Liz on Trial!

No Golden Coach for the Diamond Jubilee!

Coach for the jubilee processions in June. The Queen and Prince Philip will be travelling to St Paul's for the Thanksgiving Service They will be travelling back in a carriage, but not the Gold State Coach, which has been used for both the Silver Jubilee Processions in 1977 and the Golden Jubilee in 2002. Why not keep with the tradition? Come on Liz!

The Silver Jubilee 

The Golden Jubilee

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Princess Diana and the Royal Family

Our Glamorous Queen

NOTE: Sorry that it sort of cuts into the side bars, otherwise the photos would be too small to show detail.

Possibly the Cutest Royal Video Ever

Really shows a loving, playful side to the royal family, and, even in the pomp of the palace, it could be any family's christening. William running around making those noises!!

Princess Margaret's Wedding to Anthony Armstrong-Jones

Queen Elizabeth Momentos

The Queen has been the subject of many different types of.. slightly creepy.... but mostly beautiful pieces of memorabilia, ranging from her coronation to wedding anniversaries. Her face has been plastered over biscuit tins, tea cups, plates, flags, everything! Here's just a few.

Flinders Street for Her Majesty's Visit 1954

Sigh... If only Flinders Street was covered in those streamers and THAT massive crown ever day..... We never go to those lengths anymore!

Her Majesty's Australian Visit 1954

Royal Lookalikes- Prince Michael of Kent

Don't you think he has an uncanny resemblance with his grandfather, King George VI (Top Left) and Tsar Nicholas II, (Bottom), a first cousin of three of his grandparents.