Thursday, April 26, 2012

Liz Launches Her Jubilee Barge

The Queen and Prince Philip headed to Greenland Pier on the Thames to examine and name the 94 ft Gloriana barge that will features as part of the Diamond Jubilee flotilla of over 1000 boats. I gotta admit, the men were quite touchy-feely to get her onboard, and someone kept on sort off pushing her in the back! I thought it was quite an awkward visit, with everyone seeming to be robotic and standing there whilst she was on board. But thankfully, relief was offered when she later reopened the Cutty Sark, where there were loud cheers and people sitting on the masts! Glorious. But the man showing her around was quite patronising, going so far as to remark "they're waving to you."

HM wore a stunning, bright red coat with a matching hat, (which looked a bit cowboy-ish) with a black, red and white floral print underneath. Am I the only one who thinks it sort off clashes? Oh well, the coat bore quite a resemblance to another she wore to visit Prince William at his army base, but of course, that one was a deeper shade of red.

The Queen finished off the look with the Queen Mother's hibiscus brooch, presented to her on a visit to Australia. (Below)

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