Friday, June 29, 2012

Royal Ascot: Day 4

Finally, finally, QE has a royal winner! Her horse Estimate, decked out in the Queen's racing colours won the Queen's Vase. Ironically, Prince Philip presents the trophy for this race, and so it was a sweet moment when QE received it from her husband, which resulted in me melting.

And to my dismay, that's where her winning streak stops. Unfortunately, she pulled out one of my most hated outfits- the wonky cake. The coat is nice, but the hat is oh so out of proportion the way the brim curves down and bulges, the way the actual top curves in. And THOSE BALLS! or "hat pins." Ugh. 

Hold on to your hats! Princess Michael is in the house! At first glance, it seems hat? But oh no, oh no, were we wrong, just do a little spin Marie Christine, and there we go- a petite pillbox!

I'll let you guys figure out the rest...

Pictures: The Daily Mail/Reuters/Zimbio/Richard Gillard

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