Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jubilance Part 1- The Thames Pageant

Although London delivered typical British weather, it certainly didn't stop an amazing spectacle of a flotilla of 1000 boats sailing down the Thames- truly a moment in history. I've got to admit, the size of the crowds really surprised me, with a million people lining the banks of the Thames. Never have I seen so many since the coronation! It was great to see people crowded on balconies with Union Jacks draped everywhere. The spectacle was the UK in all its glory.

Loved the music from the London Philharmonic Orchestra- Land of Hope and Glory, Rule Britannia! etc.
There were some technical glitches, like the sound dying halfway through the National Anthem. Didn't except the fireworks, and the fanfares as the Queen boarded the Royal Barge was fabulous. The Royal Family did look delighted and it was adorable as they bopped around to nautical tunes. The Duchess of Cornwall was really getting into the spirit of things, which I admire, and was seen sharing jokes with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Although there were some great shots of the flotilla in all its glory, the BBC coverage was a major letdown. Here in Australia, we were forced to watch it, and by god it was terrible. As the actual event got underway after an hour of hype, they cut back to the studio and start playing pre-recorded interviews with special guests. Seriously people! And I know it was raining, but there were random raindrop-filled shots of a woman's hair. Sigh...

Anyways, lets get down to business-

The Star of the Show: Queen Elizabeth really let herself loose this weekend, and I noticed a pattern of jewel/crystal- studded outfits. She really embraced her nautical side today, and was draped in a shawl aboard the Royal Barge. I was wondering what that tea-towel like thing was for! Thumbs up for QE for not sitting down once through the whole thing. She did look delighted.

The Royal Trio: As time passes, I'm seeing a new pattern emerge- Kate, Will and Harry, Kate, Will and Harry, Kate, Will and Harry. It's lovely to see her getting on so well with her brother-in-law, and she looked stunning in a bright crimson Alexander McQueen dress with a matching hat- another pattern maybe?

Mad, Camera, Flag-Waving Royals: I must say, many members of the extended section of the Royal Family (except for the Duchess of Cornwall and the Prince of Wales) were under a bout of Jubilee-fever. Symptoms? The mad shaking of flags, taking pictures from your mobile, and dressing up in spray jackets. Princess Michael of Kent's outfit was amazing, and so elegant!

So that's the Thames Pageant all wrapped up. Next up will be the Diamond Jubilee Concert!

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