Thursday, June 21, 2012

Royal Books: The Queen's Book of the Red Cross

If there's one royal tidbit of advice I can give, it's to op shop. Who can resist 2 dollar royal biographies, whilst also doing your bit to help charity?

Today, this golden nugget jumped out at me from the dusty shelves. Printed in 1939, this book, sponsored by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was intended to raise funds for the Red Cross during WWII. Fifty British authors and artists featured in the book, which includes a lovely photo of the QM by Cecil Beaton and a poignant handwritten letter by her. I'd buy it just for her fabulous handwriting and SIGNATURE. Gah! It looks too good a letter to have been mass-produced. I'll just keep dreaming'

NOTE: Sorry about the shadows, it's night time here!

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