Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Royal Tidbit: Princess Michael and Her Cats

Princess Michael is certainly an interesting character, exemplified by her official website. She is often referred as "Princess Pushy," and the Queen herself referred to her as "Our Val," and as "a bit too grand" for the Royal Family.

She does have her own .org site, which tends to praise her in every way, displaying her numerous interests, talents and achievements. Princess Michael does lectures and is the author of numerous historical novels. One of her fondest loves is.....cats. An excerpt from one of her interviews shows her fondness of the feline species: "My passion for tigers dates from my childhood, when I discovered The Jungle Book. Kipling’s Shere Khan was my secret best friend and for his sake I haunted my nearest zoo, imagining a bond with these magnificent beasts." So here's some amusing photos of her with an assorted collection of cats.

Pictures: Daily Mail/John Staddort/HRH Princes Michael of Kent/Catholicism Pure and Simple

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