Sunday, June 24, 2012

Royal Ascot: Day 1

Now this is not a royal fashion blog, but, apart from the horses, Royal Ascot is ALL about looks, so let's see who won the style stakes on day one.

Tied for First- QEII and Princess Anne

Oh gosh, doesn't she looks happy she came first? Thank god she didn't pull out one of her 80's repeats! The Princess Royal looked absolutely radiant in that marvellous outfit, complete with such a lovely hat- adore the colour!

Loved, loved LOVED The Queen's ensemble! What a lovely shade of cornflower blue, and the pattern of her hat is absolutely wonderful. The contrasts between her clothes and the grass just makes me dream of spring. Well played, your majesty.

The Thrift Handicap

My, my, QE doesn't look too delighted with the Duchess of Cornwall at her side...... Must be her repeat so soon after the Thanksgiving Service! Ah well, it is a good outfit, so carry on Cams!

Pure Elegance

That's right Eug, take note. Doesn't the Duchess of Gloucester look absolutely wonderful? Love the simple, elegant coat, and that dramatic hat! I actually don't mind the ruffles. Eugenie on the other hand...... that fabric draped over her shoulder won't cut it for the Royal Enclosure. 

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