Monday, June 25, 2012

Royal Ascot: Day 3

It's Ladies Days at Royal Ascot, and *most* of the *royals* in attendance looked lovely.

Feathery Splendour

Ahh, trust Liz to come back roaring! The feathery hat wins it for me, and reminds me a lot of her mother's one at the wedding of Charles and Diana.

Okay, maybe not on the same feathery scale, but still..

Best New Royal Friendship!

Great to see Phil and Carole Middleton having fun and sharing a few laughs. Carole wore an outfit strikingly similar to the one her daughter wore to the river pageant.

The Ladies

Well it IS Ladies' Day, and they certainly showed up in their numbers. Bea in a so-so dress. Very detailed, but a bit all over the place. Eug played it so so very safe, and bland as well. Anne in my fav outfit of hers, even if it was just a repeat. I adore the lovely spring-like print- the purple and green complement each other so amazingly. The Countess of Wessex was very meh for me, but the hat managed to get her over the line.

And thank GOD for Princess Michael, or else I might have fallen asleep after Eug and Sophie! Got to love her for her signature flair!

And here's an adorable photo chucked in, as the ladies curtsey for the Queen-

Pictures: Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor/Daily Mail/James Whatling

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